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Do you send a proof prior to putting a custom-printed card into production?

Yes. The first revision of the proof is free followed by a $25 per revision thereafter.

Do you send samples of your custom plastic cards and key tags?

Yes. We offer samples of all our custom plastic gift, loyalty, membership cards, and key tags as well as our custom carriers and sleeves. Samples can be requested using our Request Samples form.

How do I design custom plastic gift cards?

Getting great looking custom plastic cards that reflect your brand is easy. Choose from one of our three user-friendly card design methods:

  • Visit our card design gallery and customize any of our pre-designed cards with your logo and information.
  • Use our custom design services to build a card with your brand from scratch.
  • Designing or have a design ready to upload? Our card templates are available to place your design into the right card.

How do I get gift cards to sell in my restaurant?

Restaurant gift cards are a no-brainer. They promote your establishment, raise brand awareness, recruit new customers and reward loyal patrons. They are a currency unique to your eatery that anyone can use.

Getting top-notch gift cards to sell in restaurants is simple and efficient with Plastic Resource. Contact us today to start planning your restaurant’s cards.

How do I pay for my order?

In order to approve your proof using our Proof & Pay system, you will need to enter a credit card. The credit card will not be charged until your order is shipped. If you would like to pay via a method other than a credit card, please contact us at or 833-290-5684.

How does proofing and production work?

  • Once you submit your artwork, we will send you a proof within 24 hours.
  • Standard CMYK card, key tag and carrier orders of 5,000 or less ship in 4-9 business days from proof approval.
  • Specialty card orders or orders of more than 5,000 ship within 15 days of proof approval.

How does tracking information and and invoicing get handled?

Once your order has shipped, you will be emailed an invoice (PDF) that includes a UPS tracking number in the body of the invoice.

How long does it take to print my custom gift cards or key tags?

At Plastic Resource, we begin printing your custom gift cards or key tags soon after you approve your initial proof. Although turnaround time depends on the design of your gift card or key tag, customers typically receive their orders in as little as one week.

How much will it cost to get custom printed key tags?

Custom key tag cost depends on varying factors such as size, design, encoding, quantity and more. You have the ability to create custom key tags for your business that fit your specific budget with Plastic Resource.

How to make discount cards?

Making a discount card is simple, requiring just a few easy steps:

  1. Plan your discount
  2. Design your card
  3. Proof and pay
  4. Start reaping the benefits

How transparent are the plastic business cards?

We offer two types of transparent business cards: clear (fully transparent) and frosted (partially transparent). The level of transparency also depends on the card design and the color of the ink. Darker colors are less transparent than light colors. We often add white ink to the card to limit the transparency of lighter colors.

I've never sold gift cards before but want to start. What do I need to do first?

The first step in selling gift cards is having a system to manage them. If you have an existing POS System; you will need to find out whether or not you can accept gift cards.

If you can, simply contact our sales department and they will be happy to help you get started. Or, if you prefer, you can also review our step-by-step guide.

If you don't have an existing POS System, contact us at 833-290-5684 and we would be happy to refer one.

If I choose transparent plastic, does it affect the vibrancy of the card?

Transparent plastic is popular for plastic business cards. You need to keep the material in mind when you design your card as it does affect the vibrancy of the card — especially with lighter colors. We will often add white ink to the card to make the certain colors more vibrant. The level of transparency/color vibrancy may not be fully reflected in a proof. If you have not printed on transparent plastic before, we highly recommend a press proof.

What are the dimensions and specifications of gift cards?

The standard specification for a gift card (and all financial cards) is referred to as a CR80. CR80 cards are 3.375 inches x 2.125 inches and .030 inches thick. Plastic Resource’s gift cards are constructed with a PVC core overlaid with writeable PVC laminate film. For design templates prepared for standard products sizes, visit the design template web page.

What are the dimensions and specifications of key tags and combo cards?

The dimensions of Plastic Resource’s key tag and combo card products can be found on the design template web page. Key tag and combo cards are .030 inches thick (same thickness as a CR80 or credit card) and constructed of a durable teslin core and non-writable PET laminate film.

What are the minimum order requirements for cards and key tags?

The minimum order required for custom cards (you design) is 250 pieces. This includes custom printed gift cards, membership cards, business cards, and key tags with unique artwork. The minimum order for pre-designed gift and loyalty cards is 100 pieces.

What is a CR80?

A CR80 is the standard size of financial cards (credit, gift, loyalty, etc.) in the United States. CR80 specifications are 3.375 inches x 2.125 inches and .030 inches thick.

What is card “encoding?”

Encoding is a fancy way of saying unique numbering. Gift, loyalty and membership card and key numbering may be consecutive, random or based on an algorithm and may include letters and special characters. Card and key tag numbers are embedded into magstripes, barcodes or QR codes. The specific encoding format we use with your custom cards and key tags depends on the system you will be using them with. Please feel free to contact us with specific system or card encoding questions.

What is the difference between a magstripe and a barcode?

Not much. Both are mechanisms for embedding a number that references a record in a database on a software system. Magstripes are read by magstripe readers while barcodes are read by barcode scanners.

What is the difference between gift cards, loyalty cards, and key tags?

Very little as both “store value” albeit different types of value. The best way to understand the difference is a gift card references a monetary value while a loyalty card references a non-monetary value like points, discounts or a free drink. Both types of cards contain unique numbers that reference a unique database that contain card balances and history and both can redeemed for goods and services. Key tags can be used in the same way as gift and loyalty cards. The only difference is size and shape. In fact, a single card or key tag can be used for both a loyalty and gift card purposes provided the account/database is set up for both.

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