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What is the difference between a magstripe and a barcode?

Not much. Both are mechanisms for embedding a number that references a record in a database on a software system. Magstripes are read by magstripe readers while barcodes are read by barcode scanners.

What is the difference between gift cards, loyalty cards, and key tags?

Very little as both “store value” albeit different types of value. The best way to understand the difference is a gift card references a monetary value while a loyalty card references a non-monetary value like points, discounts or a free drink. Both types of cards contain unique numbers that reference a unique database that contain card balances and history and both can redeemed for goods and services. Key tags can be used in the same way as gift and loyalty cards. The only difference is size and shape. In fact, a single card or key tag can be used for both a loyalty and gift card purposes provided the account/database is set up for both.

Will your cards work as key cards for my hotel?

By creating a custom card complete with magnetic stripe encoding, you can use our custom key cards as hotel key cards for your business. Simply create your hotel key card, proof your card and then pay.

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