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2015 Holiday Gift Card Guide

The holiday season can create unique trends in gift card sales. This year, several captivating and exciting trends have emerged that are sure to make the 2015 holiday season a memorable one.

Holiday Gift Card Trends

  • Experience-based gift cards. An “experience economy” is emerging that values activities and experiences over physical things. An experience can be as simple as going to see a movie, or as large-scale as a flight and hotel stay in Cancun. Gift cards that can be used anywhere can also be considered experiential if given with the intention of being spent on an experience. Experience-based gifts are countless and can help you be creative and generous this holiday season. You can also create custom packaging for your cards that reflect the theme of the experience for a more personal touch.
  • Holiday gift cardholders. There are several options for custom holiday card packaging. You can go completely DIY and make your own out of materials you have on hand, or print downloadable patterns complete with folding instructions. Gift cards are valuable and desirable gift options. The way you package them should reflect that.
  • Making it personal. Gift cards are the most requested holiday gift year after year. You can give a gift card the look and feel of a more traditional gift by getting creative with your packaging and your message. Show you care by making sure the gift card is a relevant amount, wrapping your gift card with other items that can be used in tandem with a gift card purchase, customize your gift cards with personal photos and text, and give a card you know the recipient will use.

Gift cards are among the most popular holiday gifts for 2015. Give your loved ones thoughtful, custom gift cards this season. You can learn more about plastic gift cards for your project at Plastic Resource. Find out more at