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2016 Holiday Gift Card Trends

Gift cards have evolved past the gift certificate model of years past.  Today’s consumers are looking for convenience, innovation and personalization.  Catching these trends early could put your business ahead of the competition.

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Gift cards are quickly moving beyond the model from a few years ago, which was based on the gift certificate concept.  Today’s consumers demand more for their money.  Whereas the old-fashioned gift certificates could not carry a balance, gift cards can.  The balance on a gift card can easily be determined at the cash register or online, which is extremely appealing to the user.

Gift cards have changed drastically over the last couple of years.  New concepts that are catching on with consumers include:

  • Mixed categories, such as “dinner and a movie” or “shopping and coffee”
  • Gift cards that also function as a CD or a DVD
  • Experiential gift cards are especially popular gifts for men
  • Cards that include a charitable component
  • Gift cards that offer discounts
  • Gift cards embossed with the recipient’s name for a more personalized choice
  • Gift cards that can be used at any of a group of merchants as opposed to single-merchant cards
  • Multi-pack gift cards

In addition to the traditional plastic gift card, key tags are becoming more and more popular, as are gift card apps that help retailers gather customer data and shopping trends.  If the consumer has her phone, the card balance is always available.

Thinking outside of the box and customizing your gift card program can drive your business to the next level. Contact Plastic Resource today to create your custom gift cards.