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Three Great Loyalty Card Programs Out There

Three Great Loyalty Card Programs Out There

Plastic loyalty cards do more than help fill space in your wallet. These three companies made their loyalty programs rewarding and memorable to benefit their customers and keep their loyalty programs going strong.

Successful Loyalty Card Programs

Everyone and their brother has a loyalty program these days, but not all loyalty cards are created equal. The following examples are setting a high bar for successful loyalty programs.

  1. Starbucks. Starbucks is delivering on their loyalty program in one of the biggest and best ways: free stuff. What better way to reward customer loyalty than with free products and services? Entry-level perks include a free drink on your birthday, and two hours of free Wi-Fi each day. More advanced rewards include free syrup and milk options, free refills, and free coffee with bean purchase. This program’s variety and wide set of options make it very appealing and successful.
  2. Best Buy. This no-fee rewards program thrives on its simplicity: one dollar spent equals one point earned. A generous set of members-only offerings also makes this program attractive. Large purchases are rewarded the heaviest: appliances costing more than $2,500, like a plasma television, will earn you second-tier perks including free shipping, a broader return policy, and free movie-rental downloads and music streaming.
  3. National Car Rental. National’s Emerald Club loyalty program focuses on convenience. The Emerald Aisle benefit gives frequent renters from their plane to a rental car with incredible expediency. Renters also have their pick of any car in the lot upon arrival. Their program is also free and available in more than 50 cities across the country. Each rental earns a credit, which can be used for free car days. The real benefit, however, is the speed-through service that makes the sometimes frustrating task of renting a car easy and convenient.

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