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3 Ways to Sell the Benefits of Your Business Key Tag

Do you have a key tag for your business? Are you having trouble convincing your customers that they need your key tag ? Nowadays, more and more businesses such as retailers and restaurants are using key tags to increase customer loyalty. But, customers are also becoming picky, only choosing loyalty programs that mean the most to them.

How do you prove to your customer that your key tag deserves a place on their key ring? By selling the benefits of your loyalty program. Your customers want to know what life will look like with the addition of your key tag, versus without it.

  1. Stop Focusing on the Features

    The first method of selling the benefits of your key tag is to stop focusing on the features. For example, a gym key tag might offer customers 24/7 access to the gym. But, what does this mean for the customer? Will they be able to spend more time with their family because the gym is always open, providing more flexibility in choosing when to work out? Now that’s a benefit worth sharing.

    Another example might be a retailer who uses a key card to track loyalty points. Although the feature might be the ability to earn loyalty points for coupons or other offers, the benefit is saving money for other important things.

  2. Use Your Words

    When advertising your key card or talking to your customers about it, you must use your words. Take those features such as 24/7 access and translate them to benefit statements such as convenience, easy access and reliability. Ask yourself this: what’s in it for the customer?

    Use these words in your marketing, in your social media campaigns, in your business print materials—anywhere your customer is met with the option of your key card.

  3. Understand Your Customer’s Needs and Desires

    Before you can truly sell the benefits of your key card, you must understand your customer’s needs and desires. Who is your target audience and what is most important to them? It could be that your customer craves convenience and cost savings. Or, it could be that your customer enjoys easy accessibility on their own time. Whatever it is, sell it.

Don’t Have a Business Key Tag?

If you don’t have a key tag for your business, now is the time to get started. A key tag is a great way to increase customer loyalty and awareness of your brand. To learn more about key tags, send us a message.