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Five clever gift card packages

5 Clever Ways To Package Holiday Gift Cards

Gift cards are among the most popular and most asked-for gifts for 2015. You can add a personal touch by creating unique packaging for your holiday gift cards.

DIY Packaging For Gift Cards

Giving plastic gift cards this holiday season is a sure way to brighten the holidays. You can make these gifts even more appealing by taking some extra time to create thoughtful, themed packaging. These five unique ideas will make your gift cards more memorable than ever.

  1. Recycled Reindeer. Flatten the cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels or toilet paper to create a pocket for your gift card. With a scissors, cut the top portion of the roll on either side and cut antlers into the cardboard. With a little ribbon and some coloring, you will have a perfect holiday-themed cardholder!
  2. DIY snow globe. A jar, some water, and a handful of glitter can create a very unique way to present a gift card under the tree this year. Simply drain the water to retrieve the card.
  3. Festive Envelopes. Use your imagination to create colorful envelopes for your holiday gift cards. You can use fabric, sign stock, wrapping paper, or any patterned material to make custom cardholders. Add a small bow and a note to create a personal touch.
  4. Candy Dish Cardholder. What do people love as much as gift cards? Candy! Combine the two by giving your gift cards in candy boxes. You can paint and decorate them with holiday designs and place the gift card inside as an extra special holiday treat.
  5. Jar of Joy. A simple mason jar can be used to spice up gift card presentation. Include candy, other small gifts, and holiday decorations in a mason jar along with a gift card.

Gift cards have proven to be one of the most popular and appreciated gifts. Make this holiday a special one by creating thoughtful, personal gift card packaging for your loved ones. You can learn more about plastic gift cards for your project at Plastic Resource. Find out more at