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3 Creative Ways to Give Gift Cards

Gift cards are among the most popular and most requested gifts for holidays and birthdays. You can add personalization and pizzazz to your gift card giving that will make your gift meaningful and memorable.

Dress Up Your Gift Card Giving

Gift giving is a fun, meaningful, and joyful occasion, and gift cards are among the most desired gifts in America. Instead of slipping a plain card under the tree or in a gift bag, consider these alternative ways to add some creativity to your gift card giving.

  1. Attach a related item to the gift card. Use your imagination to create a gift card package. A gift card from a bookstore could come with a notebook and a set of pens tied with a bow. A coffee shop’s gift card could come inside a to-go cup along with a magazine or magazine subscription. Once you start looking for ideas, you’ll see tons of opportunities for creating interesting and meaningful gift card packages.
  2. Hide the card in a gift. Gift cards can stand alone, but it’s always more fun to dress them up. Placing a plastic gift card in a shirt pocket or inside a gift that opens to add an extra layer of excitement to your gift.
  3. Make a handmade envelope with a message. A simple yet meaningful way to add a personal element to gift card giving, handmade envelopes or boxes allow you to expand on a card’s theme, or include a personal message.

Customize Your Gift Cards

Creating customized plastic gift cards helps make gift giving a more memorable and meaningful experience. Plastic Resource can help you craft cards that reflect the personality and power of your brand. Visit our website ( to discover your options for custom gift cards.