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Complete Your Plastic Cards with Sleeves, Holders, and Envelopes

Accessorize your gift cards for maximum effect.

Make Your Plastic Cards “Gift Ready”

Research has already shown us that gift cards are highly desired gifts. Giving them to friends and family requires more than handing over a plastic card. Presentation is important. By offering a “gift ready” package that includes an envelope, holder, or sleeve, you remove the burden of presentation from your customers. This tactic is more than just friendly. It can increase sales by more than 60 percent, provide you with an additional branding medium, and improve your customers’ experience with your brand.

Accessorizing Custom Gift Cards

A good product meets a customer’s needs, even anticipating some that the customer may not be aware of. Accessorizing a product with value-added items, convenience-improving elements, and visually appealing packaging are all ways to more fully engage consumers and build brand loyalty. Plastic cards can benefit from this type of engaging accessorization.

Accessories allow you to provide a solution for your customers before they even encounter the problem. Envelopes, sleeves, and holders strengthen your product by providing packaging and display solutions that your customers need.

Plastic Card Accessory Solutions

Instead of offering a product that requires a customer to do more work to package and make presentable, you can offer simple and attractive presentation accessories. Making life easier for your customers is simple with envelopes, sleeves, and holders.

  • Gift Card Envelopes. Envelopes provide protection and presentation for plastic gift cards. Envelopes also anticipate the need a customer will have after they purchase a gift card. By providing an envelope, you provide a simple solution that is highly convenient to the customer.
  • Gift Card Sleeves. Sleeves are a sleek, unique form of card presentation. Like envelopes, they provide protection and enhance presentation.
  • Gift Card Holders. Holders for your plastic cards offer an attractive and useful point of sale display. They are also an easy way to market and add visibility to an already attractive and desirable product. Additionally, holders provide more real estate for marketing, logo display, and brand advertising that helps your gift cards stand out.

Make your custom plastic cards irresistible by adding convenient, attractive presentation solutions that add panache to an already great gift.