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Two Ways To Double Gift Card Sales Without Discounts

Two Ways To Double Gift Card Sales Without Discounts

Increasing plastic gift card sales not only gives your business a bump in revenue, it also strengthens your brand, improves your marketing efforts, and exposes you to a broader potential customer base. These tips can help you increase your custom gift card sales without discounting the value of your product.

Improving Gift Card Sales

It’s good to offer gift cards. It’s even better if you can sell a lot of them. Creating incentives for your customers to purchase gift cards can help boost your sales. The following advice will give you tips for creating incentives without discounting your product.

  1. Sell Packages

    Gift cards can hold their own as a legitimate gift, but sometimes shoppers are looking for something more. Small businesses have the advantage of being able to create custom gift packages that include gift cards. Theme-based packages can center around a particular color, an activity, an area of interest, or anything else you can imagine. Creating a package sells more than just a plastic gift card: it sells an experience.

  2. Clean up Your Website

    Convenience plays a huge role in gift card sales. Not everyone shops online, of course, but many do. It is also important to consider the people browsing your site during the holidays while they consider what business to buy a gift card from. Having an easy-to-navigate, impressive website will help set you apart. One study, conducted by Spa Boom, showed that nearly one third of gift card sales are made by out of state shoppers who are interested in finding local businesses to purchase cards from for their friends and family members.

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