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Encourage Customers Use Reloadable Gift Cards

Why You Should Encourage Customers To Reload Gift Cards

You can step up your customer loyalty participation rates by asking customers to refill their plastic gift cards when they are done using them. Reloading gift cards strengthens customer loyalty, gives business more data about their consumers, and gives customer more personalized offers and incentives.

The Benefits of Reloading Plastic Gift Cards

Every holiday season you inevitably get that one gift card you know you just won’t use. Instead of storing it in an old shoebox, you can take action. You can exchange the card for one you want, or sell it for cash, with an online card swapping service. Here are some things to consider before choosing a swapping site:

  1. Quicker Payment. Reloadable plastic gift cards process faster than credit or debit cards. They often do not require you to sign anything or to wait for the transaction to be processed.
  2. Secure Card Protection. Many reloadable cards require customers to create an account by registering their card with the company online. In addition to giving you more information about your customers, this process also gives more security to card holders. If a card is lost or stolen, a customer can use their online account to cancel their gift card, order a replacement card, or transfer their balance to a different card.
  3. Improved Customer Experience. No one likes standing in line, waiting for someone to write a check, or fumbling through their purse for exact change. Gift cards are convenient to pay with, are readily available at point of purchase, and are faster methods of payment than cash or credit cards. Gift cards also provide the anonymity of cash without the risk of carrying it with you. Unlike credit and debit cards, gift cards do not post statements to your bank or credit account. You can also check your balance online 24/7.

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