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Gift Card & Loyalty Key Tag Promos to Lead You into the Summer

Staying ahead of the competition requires creativity. With the summer months looming, it’s time to start planning some imaginative, stand-out promotions that will drive customers to your door and turn up the heat on your business.

Summer Loyalty Promo Ideas, by Industry

  • Landscapers, nurseries, patio furniture retailers: Depending upon where you reside, business can often be seasonal, and the busy season is short. Attract customers with a “Backyard BBQ” promotion that will have them drooling. Promote your goods and services (patios, plants, lounge chairs) by offering customers a $100 gift card to a nearby grocer for all their picnic fixin’s when they spend over $1,000 at your establishment.
  • Clothing boutiques and shoe stores: Invite your customers to join your loyalty program with a custom barcode key tag. Every time they purchase special “summer attire” (shorts, tanks, flip flops) at your store they’ll be entered to win a sweepstakes for a shopping spree valued at $100.
  • Restaurants: Encourage customers to join your loyalty program with custom key tags presented to their server along with payment for their check. After four visits, they’re entitled to one free fresh summer appetizer or beverage.
  • Amusement or water parks: When your customers visit, encourage them to join your loyalty program with a custom key tag. After three visits to your facility, they’ll earn two free passes for a future visit.
  • Hotels: When customers check in, they automatically become members of your loyalty program. After three stays, promise them $100 in gift cards to be used for future stays.
  • Massage therapists, salons or spas: When customers purchase over $100 in products or services, they’ll receive $25 in gift cards good for future summery services, such as spray tanning, hair coloring, or pedicures.
  • Campgrounds or outdoor retailers: Extend the stay of visitors to your campground or increase the amount of merchandise purchased by customers. When loyal customers spend over $200 with you, they’ll receive $50 worth of custom gift cards immediately redeemable at time of purchase or in the future.
  • Coffee shops, bistros or ice cream parlors: Loyalty programs work especially well in eateries people frequent often. Your summer promo tracked with loyalty key tags could offer members discounts that lower prices whenever the temperatures rise.

Promote Your Promos!

Don’t forget to advertise your promotions on your website, across all your social media platforms, and with direct mail campaigns. When the weather gets hot, there’s no reason your business shouldn’t be racking up some cool cash.

Need more help with custom gift cards for your business? Curious about how our team can support your promo goals? Contact us today!