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Holiday Gift Card Package, Gift Card Package

Holiday Gift Card Package Ideas

Consumers are always looking for thoughtful, customized gifts. Be creative and flexible with your plastic gift card program to create gift packages that meet your customer’s needs this holiday season.

Gift cards are becoming more and more popular as gifts with each passing holiday season. Consumers recognize their ease of purchase and use, and everyone loves the chance to use a gift card when they go shopping. Packaging your gift cards in unique ways can ramp up your holiday revenues and increase your post-holiday sales.

Package Deals

Combining your gift card with a small gift such as a stuffed animal, an ornament or jewelry gives the consumer the best of both worlds.  The recipient has something to open immediately and a valuable gift card to use later.  Other ideas include candy or chocolates, baked goods such as cookies or brownies, or small tools such as flashlights and bike tools.

One way to increase gift card sales this holiday season is to combine gift cards with key tags. Once the gift card is used, the key tag remains as a visible reminder to the consumer about your business.  Combine the key tag with promotions such as loyalty programs; games and discounts will keep your customers returning long after the holiday is over.

Multi-pack gift cards are an easy way to help out the busy customer, especially as the holiday looms ever closer.  Another attractive option is to create a gift card that offers an experience such as a full meal or a spa treatment.  Consumers have been shown to actually spend more on gift cards when the cost of the gift card is not revealed to the recipient.  Bundling services such as “dinner and a movie,” “mani-pedi-facial,” or “a round of golf and a beverage at the nineteenth hole” are just a few of the options can boost sales.

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