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Homeowners can use old plastic gift cards

5 Ways DIY Homeowners Can Use Old Plastic Gift Cards

Instead of letting them gather dust in a junk drawer or clutter up shelf space, turn your old gift cards into helpful tools for your DIY home improvements projects.

5 Uses For Gift Cards

Tackling projects around your home is all about saving time and money, as well as feeling the satisfaction of a job well done. You can now add old plastic gift cards to your arsenal of home improvement tools. From leveling furniture to fixing tile floors, gift cards can be useful items for a variety of house projects.

  1. Level your furniture. Even the sturdiest house has its trouble spots. When cabinets, dressers and the old bureau in the corner just won’t stay level in a certain spot, use old gift cards to right them. They can be subtly tucked along the inside edges of furniture to provide leveling stability without being an eyesore.
  2. Stabilize tables and dressers. Wobbly tables and chairs are distracting, and can make eating a meal a frustrating experience. Use old gift cards to stabilize your table and to keep your chair from rocking.
  3. Finish wallpaper installation. Trendy wallpaper is making a comeback. Installing it yourself is no easy task, however, especially when it comes to the finishing touches. You can use old gift cards to remove air bubbles from wallpaper and to form a solid seal between paper and wall. Their flexibility and tensile strength make them the perfect tool for the job.
  4. Spot-fix tile flooring. Replacing a cracked or loose tile is a simple but messy job. Instead of dirtying a trowel and the bucket it fits in, mix a small amount of mastic and use an old gift card to apply it to your subfloor. Cut the card with a set of pinking sheers to create a zigzag edge and recycle it when you’re finished.
  5. Use as a straightedge. For small jobs and quick measurements, use an old plastic gift card as a straightedge in your workshop.

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