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How Customized Membership Cards Will Strengthen Your Brand

How Customized Membership Cards Will Strengthen Your Brand

Creating cards for different levels of membership can help you bolster your brand loyalty, boost your return customer rate, and create additional incentives for your customers. Membership levels also give you more opportunities for card customization and data gathering.

Leveling Up

A membership program rewards your customers and benefits you at the same time. One way to get more out of a membership program is by creating custom plastic loyalty cards that correspond to different levels of membership.
The amount of levels, the rewards, and the cost of each level are up to you.

Leveled membership cards can:

  • Create goals and incentives that encourage customers to frequent your brand, mention it to others, and interact with your social media and other online presence.
  • Strengthen brand loyalty by giving customers membership goals, and their corresponding perks, to achieve.
  • Improve the quality and accuracy of your data gathering and analysis by allowing you to distinguish buying activity and patterns within membership tiers. This can help you create customized incentives for each level of membership.
  • Offer exclusive rewards that are unique to each level of membership. This can help increase revenue during traditionally low sales times throughout the year, and help you stay fresh in your customers’ minds.
  • Create custom designs for each level of membership. This gives your customers a visual symbol of their membership, and also allows you to express your brand and logo in different and unique ways, diversifying your marketing presence.

Consider creating membership levels within your loyalty card program to take advantage of these opportunities.

Customize Your Loyalty Cards

Creating customized plastic loyalty cards and key tag helps make interaction with your brand memorable and meaningful experience. Plastic Resource can help you craft cards that reflect the personality and power of your company. Visit our website ( to discover your options for custom gift cards.