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How Key Tags Can Improve Your Web Presence / Website Traffic

Key tags provide critical data on buying trends on a customer-by-customer basis. By customizing your advertising with promotions like loyalty points and discounts, you can increase customer loyalty and improve your bottom-line sales.

Key tags are those colorful, plastic cards nearly everyone has on their keychain.  By convincing your customers to have your key tag dangling from their house keys, you can effectively advertise your website around the clock and generate consumer loyalty.

To get something, you need to give something. Offering your customers a discount or prize for signing up for your loyalty program will get them hooked; maintaining on-going promotions or games will keep them interested.

You can keep your loyalty program participants interested in your brand by:

  • Offering loyalty points that increase their discount
  • Giving the consumer something for free once a certain point level is reached.
  • The “Buy 10 Get One Free” punch card model used at retail stores can easily be adapted to increase on-line sales through your loyalty program, as well.

Information Is Power

Once you have a pool of customers signed up for your key tag loyalty program, you can begin analyzing their shopping behaviors. This powerful data can help you identify trends, improve your customer experience, identify best and worst-selling items, and give you insight into the way your customers interact with your brand.  Most importantly, you can use key tag data to analyze shopping habits and customize your advertising efforts on a customer-by-customer basis.

Key tags are inexpensive and can be created in any shape and with any content you wish—the more colorful and eye-catching the better.  Be creative and make your key tag program fun for your customers and simple for them to use.

Starting a key tag program during the holiday season can keep customers returning to your website after the holidays are over which can keep revenues up year around. Contact a representative at Plastic Resource today to start your custom key tag program.