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How to Innovate Your Gift Giving

Gift cards can create an entirely new approach to gift giving that allows gift recipients to choose something they truly want within a paradigm of gratitude to the gift card giver.

Give the Gift of Choice

Holidays, birthdays, and other gift giving occasions are an opportunity to use gifts to show appreciation, love, and care for the people you are close to. But knowing what gift will truly make someone happy can be a difficult task. Plastic gift cards allow you to share your thoughtfulness and generosity with someone you care about and give them the power to choose a gift they truly want.

Americans Love Gift Cards

You don’t have to take our word for it! Nationwide research has confirmed for years that gift cards are among the most popular and most requested gift in America.
More than two-thirds of American shoppers have purchased gift cards. Teenagers especially love gift cards. Some reports suggest that more than 98 percent of teens have purchased or received a plastic gift card.

Since 2007, gift cards have topped holiday wish lists as the most requested gift, and the money spent on cards backs this claim up: Over $100 billion is spent on gift cards annually. The trend is predicted to continue as more consumers and gift recipients buy into the freedom of gift card spending.

Customizing Your Gift Giving

Creating customized gift cards can take gift giving a step further. Plastic Resource can help you craft gift cards that reflect the personality and power of your brand. Visit our website ( to discover your options for custom gift cards that will make popular gifts.