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How To Market Your Gift Card Program On Instagram

Gift card marketing is an effective marketing tactic for many businesses. Card promotions get shoppers in the door and help retailers obtain repeat customers. In order for gift card programs to work, however, your customers and potential customers need to know about them. Leveraging online marketing opportunities with Instagram can help your business appeal to a broad and engaged audience.

Marketing With Instagram


Instagram is a popular, free, and easily accessible mobile app. When you post on Instagram, anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop has instant access to your brand.

Ability to Showcase Company Personality:

Generic marketing tactics can get old and repetitive. Displaying the same ad can  is a missed opportunity to fully showcasing your business’s  personality. Instagram can be used to highlight your personality with engaging, high-quality visual content.

Contests & Customer Engagement:

No advertising source is more powerful than the people who trust your brand. Instagram provides a strategic way to directly connect with customers. Instagram is a great platform for promoting your card program with contests. The app allows customers to interact directly with your business through visual engagement and through contest participation. Everyone who participates becomes a potential new advertisement for your business.

Here are some prime examples of how companies have successfully  leveraged Instagram:

  • Over Halloween, Dunkin Donuts asked its followers to decorate their Halloween cup and snap a photo for a chance to win a $100 gift card.
  • Sony asked their followers to post a picture of anything they love. One person was chosen at random every day and won a $50 gift card.
  • Starbucks used Instagram to run their white and red cup campaign. Users snapped photos with their cups to win gift cards.

Successfully using Instagram to market your business requires having a photo-worthy card design. Contact Plastic Resource today to begin working on your new customized plastic gift cards.