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How to Personalize Gifting With Gift Cards

Ten years ago, giving a gift card may have seemed impersonal. Today, gift cards are among the most desired gifts on the market. What’s behind the transformation? Personalization.

Plastic Gift Cards Continue Popular Trend

Plastic gift cards are now considered the fastest-growing gift category item on the market. That translates to nearly $120 billion in annual sales. The versatility, ease of use and ease of purchase, perceived value, and cost-effective implementation of gift cards have all been contributing factors to their consistent sales growth. Another significant aspect that is coming more into play in recent years is the personalization of gifting with plastic gift cards.

Personalization is at the heart of gift giving. Due to their popularity, retailers and consumers have been finding creative ways to communicate that personal touch through gift cards. Here are some ways that plastic gift cards are getting personal:

  • Retailers and gift givers are “curating” their gift cards by pairing them with products from the same retailer they purchased the gift card from. A gift card from a sporting goods shop might include a gift card with a basketball, or a coffee shop may include a bag of coffee beans with a sleeve for a gift card and a message to the recipient. This kind of gift card curating can increase the personal feel of a gift, and make a gift feel more substantial to both the giver and the receiver.
  • Retailers are using gift cards as part of their loyalty and marketing programs, creating incentives, including additional discounts, to reward people who already love and identify with their brand. This kind of personalization helps dedicated consumers feel rewarded for their brand loyalty.
  • Custom gift cards are easier to make than ever. Companies like Plastic Resource can create gift cards with personalized logos, messages, and other branding in a cost-effective and affordable manner.
  • Consumers often have the option to purchase eco-friendly gift cards for the people in their life who are concerned about the environment. While not a directly personalized option, eco-friendly gift cards do add a personal touch to your gift, and show that you care.

Plastic Resource is a full-service plastic gift card designer and manufacturer. Contact them today to find or create your perfectly personalized gift card.