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How to Recycle Used Plastic Gift Cards

Made out of high-quality PVC, plastic gift cards require a unique recycling process. Although many recycling centers are not equipped to handle this process, you still have recycling options.

For Purchasers: Here’s How to Recycle Your Used Gift Cards

If you’ve recently purchased a plastic gift card, there are a few ways you can recycle it once you spend it.

  1. Ask the retailer if they can recycle the card. Ask the retailer if they recycle used gift cards. Some retailers collect cards to send to recycling centers that handle PVC recycling.
  2. Send the card to a recycling center. Some recycling centers such as Terracycle allow you to send in your plastic gift cards for recycling. These companies break the plastic cards down and create new plastic products from the material. A simple Google search can help you locate recycling centers that accept plastic cards.
  3. Upcycle your gift card into something else. If you’re feeling crafty, you can always use the plastic gift card for a wide range of projects. For example, you can use a gift card to keep your earbud cords from tangling.

For Business Owners: Offer Refillable Gift Cards

As a business owner who sells plastic gift cards, there’s an easy fix to the recycling conundrum: refillable gift cards. Refillable cards can be reloaded at any time using your POS system.

Make sure your customers know that your gift cards are refillable. To encourage refills, considering offering an incentive such as a percentage off a purchase with a refill of a certain minimum amount.

Try Eco-Friendly Gift Card Options

There are eco-friendly options available such as:

Some of these options, such as the paper gift cards, are completely organic and biodegradable. They’re the perfect option for softening your ecological footprint.

Want to Know More About Eco-Friendly Gift Cards?

At Plastic Resource, we offer many eco-friendly gift card options as well as refillable plastic gift cards. To learn more, send us a message.