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How To Solve Your Paper Problems With Plastic Gift Cards

Streamline your gift card and customer rewards process, create stronger connections with your customers, and improve the marketability of your brand with plastic gift cards.

Upgrade Your Paper Certificates to Plastic Gift Cards

Discounts, gift certificates, coupons, customer rewards, and other incentives have long been a useful tool of the retail sector. Gift certificate and rewards programs attract new customers, provide a cost-effective marketing strategy, and create a win-win situation for both the business owner and the consumer.

The strength of the practice has grown stronger over the years, but the durability of the paper used for certificates and coupons has not. Many businesses are transitioning to more resilient, versatile, long-lasting, and easier-to-use mediums, namely plastic gift cards.

Benefits of Plastic Gift Cards

Plastic gift cards are revolutionizing the way retailers approach rewards programs in the following ways:

  • Affordable and effective advertising. Plastic gift cards fit in wallets, purses, pocketbooks, briefcases, and money clips without having to be folded, torn out of magazines, or held together with paperclips and staples. This makes them easy to use, easy to remember where they are, easy to share and distribute, and easy to associate positive experiences with your brand.
  • Environmentally friendly. You may not know it, but many plastic gift cards are entirely recyclable and/or made from recycled materials. Many plastics can be efficiently recycled and kept out of the waste stream. Sophisticated manufacturing processes focused on green design have developed many ways of incorporating recycled and renewable materials into plastic gift cards, as well.
  • Successful. Everyone loves gift cards. Surveys across the country are finding that people even prefer them as gifts during the holidays. At point of sale, plastic gift cards are much easier to handle than paper certificates, and make for faster and more pleasant customer interactions. Plastic gift cards given as gifts can introduce new customers to your brand and get them involved in your rewards programs.

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