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How To Take Advantage of 2014 Holiday Gift Card Sales

Holiday gift card sales are breaking records every year. It’s no secret why. Gift cards during the holidays can boost your business, increase your exposure to consumers, and provide you with some cost effective marketing.

Holiday Gift Cards are More Popular Than Ever

Gift cards have enjoyed the top spot among requested holiday gifts for another consecutive year. No gift is more commonly requested during the holidays. More than two thirds of Americans have purchased a gift card and that number is on the rise, especially among trend-setting teenagers. More than 98 percent of teenagers have given or received a gift card.

Here are some more compelling statistics:

  • More than half of gift card recipients make more than one trip to spend their balance.
  • Most gift card recipients spend more than the amount of their gift card.
  • Plastic gift cards are the number one most requested holiday gift in America.
  • Sales of gift cards reached $118 billion in 2013, and that total is projected to rise to $138 billion by the end of 2015.

There’s no time like the present to get your business involved in a plastic gift card program or promotion. The holiday season is fast approaching, and cards will help you gain more business, customer loyalty, and revenue.

Starting Your Gift Card Program

Plastic Resource creates customized point of sale plastic gift cards for any business or organization. Your logo and company colors can easily be incorporated onto sleek, easy-to-use, and affordable plastic gift cards.

Diversify your gift program by adding displays, card holders, or loyalty key tags. These items act as more than just consumables: they also provide valuable advertising that you can’t get anywhere else.

Take advantage of the 2014 holiday season by getting involved with Plastic Resource today.