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How to Use Custom Gift Card Holders to Improve Sales

Adding a creative and customizable element to your gift card products can improve sales and customer experience. Custom card carriers and sleeves will help your cards stand out and add a more personal touch to the gift-giving experience.

Folding and Hanging Carriers Add Visibility and Individuality to Gift Cards

The customization of gift cards goes beyond cards themselves. To take it a step further, think outside of the card. Folding card carriers, envelopes, and card hangers can all be used as additional design and marketing components along with your gift cards. To display your cards more prominently and draw more attention to them through, use custom gift card holds with unique designs that highlight your brand or connect with your customer base.

  • Envelopes and Sleeves. Envelopes custom printed with your logo, or a complementary graphic or message, can make your gift cards more noticeable and can give them a stronger sense of personalization. Envelopes are a simple, affordable, and convenient way to add some pizzazz to your cards
  • Folding Carriers. Fold-over carriers are a blank canvas for creativity. Add brand-enhancing design elements, along with a convenient thumb-notch for removing cards.
  • Hanging Carriers. Whether you choose standard hanging carriers to diversify your gift card display, or custom designed ones to tie them more closely to your brand, hanging carriers will give you more options for displaying your plastic cards

Envelopes and carriers are excellent companions for your gift or loyalty cards. Please contact us or call 833-290-5684 to discuss your customizable card carrying options, and to ask about our discount options on custom carriers when you purchase gift cards, as well. We can incorporate your existing design, or work with you to create a custom design from scratch.