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How To Use QR Codes Effectively On Your Custom Key Tags

Key tags and QR codes are both affordable and effective ways to promote your business. Using them together can strengthen your marketing strategy and save you money. Taking the time to create useful landing pages and meaningful information makes all the difference.

Using QR Codes and Key Tags To Interact With Your Customers

QR codes have become ubiquitous in recent years. From billboards to mayonnaise jars, they are appearing everywhere. The appeal of providing a fast track to your company’s website is a strong one; strong enough that many marketers overuse QR codes without taking the time to create a positive and helpful user experience.

While the idea of scanning a QR code on a billboard from the freeway doesn’t make the most sense, applying one to your company’s custom key tag does. Placing the interactive tool on a key tag that people see every day reminds them to check-in not only with your website, but with your brand.

Simply slapping a QR code on a key tag and linking it to your website won’t cut the mustard, however. You need to go the extra mile by creating meaningful content that your customers can use. Here’s how:

  • Craft Useful Landing Pages. Think about who is scanning your QR code and why. If you provide regular weekly or monthly discounts, coupons, or promotions, make sure your QR code links to a mobile-friendly site that has relevant information about your savings program. If you post blog updates, make sure our QR code links to your mobile-friendly blog url.
  • Update Your Site Regularly Some marketing analysts deride QR codes for being overused and underperforming. The problem isn’t with QR codes themselves, of course, but with the way they are used. By placing a QR code on a plastic key tag, you are communicating to your customers that they can find useful information by scanning the code. That means that you need to provide useful information on a regular basis. Key tags are a marketing tool that keeps you close to your customers. Stay close by giving them a reason to check in on regularly.
  • Bridge the Gap Between Online and Offline Advertising Getting consumers to your website can result in good turnover. The challenge is getting them there. Properly leveraged and placed QR codes can help you create a steady stream of online traffic by directing key tag holders to your site. They may be going there for information or promotional material, but they will also be exposed to the online experience that you create for them. That can include advertising, messaging, or brand identity.

If you choose to use QR codes with your plastic key tags, make sure to do your research, know what your customers want and need, and create landing pages that make sense.

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