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How to integrate your new gift cards with your business

Strengthen your brand while leveraging the benefits of gift cards.

Gift cards are popular with customers and they can benefit your brand

Integrating a gift card program into your business, whether a large or small company, can open the door to increased revenue, customer loyalty, most consistent business, and exposure to new markets. Your customers also gain more purchasing options and easier access to your products and services.

A gift card is more than just a piece of plastic. It is an extension of your brand. Integrating gift cards with your business starts with adding your logo and color scheme, but it becomes something much larger. Gift cards are not just transactional tools, they are also powerful marketing objects that are exchanged between people, carried on-person, and highly valued.

Effective integration includes branding your gift cards, creating a promotional customer loyalty plan, an incentive and limit discount plan, and a holiday gifting promotion plan. By implementing a systematic approach to your gift card offers you will be able to reach a wide audience among your customer base and spread your brand to new customers in the process.

Leveraging QR Codes

By taking advantage of QR code technology, you can also directly communicate with customers that carry your gift cards. A quick scan with a smartphone can lead someone to your website or a customized rewards website that communicates the latest discounts, deals, and new merchandise that customers can redeem their gift cards for.

Additional Benefits of Gift Cards for Your Business

  • Increase revenue while gaining new customers.
  • Use your logo and other unique designs to extend your brand.
  • Reduce fraud by using cards that retain no value until activated.
  • Process them as simply as a credit or debit card.
  • Provide your customers with gift opportunities for family, friends, co-workers or employees.
  • Use gift cards to create unique promotions.