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Make eco-friendly gift cards work for you

Boost business and better the environment with recycled gift cards made from renewable and reusable resources.

Recycled PVC, paper, and other recyclable and renewable materials are giving gift cards an eco-friendly makeover

Businesses and consumers alike are searching for alternatives to plastic cards that are environmentally friendly and high quality. New design and manufacturing processes have been developed that incorporate recycled and renewable materials into plastic gift card production.

Eco-friendly gift cards can be constructed in a number of ways:

  • Recycled PVC Cards. Plastic is a durable, malleable material, which makes it such a great substance for gift cards. Many plastics can also be efficiently recycled instead of entering the waste stream. Plastic gift cards made from recycled PVC are a great environmentally friendly option for more eco-friendly cards.
  • Biodegradable waste material. Other organic material that would otherwise enter the waste stream can be remanufactured into gift cards.
  • Custom Printed Paper Cards. Specialized coated paper manufactured with the same dimensions of plastic gift cards is a popular alternative to traditional plastic gift cards.

Recyclable, Renewable, and Reliable
Alternatives to plastic gift cards are still relatively new to the market. More and more manufacturers are adopting the technology to design and produce them, but they still aren’t widely available in modest quantities. Plastic Resources is fully devoted to environmentally friendly gift card options and offers these alternatives in smaller quantities so community organizations, schools, and small businesses can stay true to their environmental ideals.

Please contact us or call 833-290-5684 to discuss eco-friendly or biodegradable card options for your business or organization.