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Market Key Tags

4 Ways To Successfully Market Key Tags

Improve customer participation in your key tag program with these proven marketing tips and strategies.

Boost sales and strengthen brand loyalty with an effective key tag program

The business benefits of key tags are indisputable. Plastic key tags provide value brand exposure that few other marketing products can. Customers who use your key tags are more likely to give you return business, provide word-of-mouth advertising, and give you valuable customer data.

You can’t experience those benefits if people aren’t using your key tags, however. In order to get them in your customers’ pockets and purses, you may need to do some marketing. Here are four successful ways to market plastic loyalty key tags to your customers:

  • Incorporate QR Codes. Adding a QR code to your key tags gives customers another way to stay in touch with your brand, and can create incentives for them to use their key tag more often by offering them access to promotions, rewards, and special offers.
  • Mail Them a Promotional Offer. Combine promotional key tags and gift cards in a direct mail piece to give potential customers a convenient way to be introduced to your brand, or your new products and services.
  • Leverage Your Gift Card Program. If you already have a plastic gift card program, use point of sale interactions and display areas to promote your key tag and customer loyalty program, as well.
  • Reward Key Tag Users With Gifts. Offer a gift for new users, and regular users to keep them reaching for their key tag whenever they shop your brand.

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