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Generate More Revenue from Hotel Cards

Use custom hotel cards to generate revenue.

Generating Revenue from Hotel Cards

Imagine distributing custom designed advertising to thousands of people every day. Not on a billboard. Not in a magazine. But literally in their pockets. With custom hotel key cards, this simple, powerful form of advertising is not only possible, it’s affordable.

As a hotel, the plastic key cards you hand to each of your customers is a valuable advertising medium. Leverage that space to generate additional revenue from local businesses, or have the cost of your key cards covered by local business partnerships.

Advantages of Key Card Advertising

Partnering with hotels to create this unique form of advertising is a win-win for hotels and local businesses. Many businesses cover the cost of the cards in exchange for advertising space. Hotels also benefit from promotional and discount programs that involve the businesses advertised on their cards. Customers are motivated to frequent hotels that offer cards with these kinds of promotions.

Unique Hotel Key Card Advertising Opportunity

Whether you are a local business or a hotel, you can take advantage of valuable advertising real estate on hotel key cards.

  • Advertising on key cards allows you to have direct, targeted advertising that are in people’s hands, pockets, and purses all day every day while they are staying at a local hotel.
  • Key card advertising is highly effective and cost effective. Your customized advertising can reach thousands of people in a single day, promoting your logo, your brand, your image, and your sales.
  • Create a unique, friendly design that clearly presents your logo.
  • The luxurious, relaxing environment of a hotel reflects positively on your brand and will give positive associations to your potential customers.

Consider tapping into a huge client base with hotel key card advertising. Key card advertising is one of the most effective methods for putting your brand in the hands of thousands of people.