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5 Reason Why Plastic Gift Cards Aren’t Going Anywhere

5 Reasons Why Plastic Gift Cards Aren’t Going Anywhere

Digital payment options have been making headlines, but the fact remains that plastic gift cards are still far more popular. The convenience, reliability, familiarity, and security of plastic cards ensures they are here to stay. In fact, most consumers prefer plastic gift cards to digital ones.

The Benefits of Plastic Gift Cards vs. Digital Payment Options

  1. Gift cards are a habit we don’t want to break. Plastic cards have a strong identity, and most Americans don’t remember a time without plastic cards. Despite the rise of digital technology, having a physical card in hand is still a powerfully familiar feeling.
  2. Not everyone has fully embraced digital payment methods. Only about 60 percent of Americans own smartphones, and only 25 percent of them use digital payment apps.
  3. Plastic cards are faster and easier to use. Reaching for a plastic card is less cumbersome than searching and activating an app on your phone. Cards rarely fail or have errors, as well, making your time at checkout smooth and easy.
  4. Shoppers prefer plastic gift cards. The Retail Gift Card Association conducted a recent survey finding nearly 80 percent of consumers preferred using physical gift cards to digital ones.
  5. Plastic cards make for better branding. Digital cards sit in your inbox or on an app in your phone. Plastic gift cards are carried in wallets and purses, and seen on display at stores.

Whether because of convenience, habit, or sense of security, plastic gift cards remain a popular and useful choice for shoppers and retailers.

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