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Proof and Pay Systems Streamline Gift Card Creation

Online technology is making plastic gift card and key tag creation easier and faster than ever.

To improve is to change, that’s why the switch to online proof and pay systems is making it easier than ever to create and pay for your gift card products. With the debut of online proof and pay technology, customers can see, comment on, approve, and pay for their plastic gift card and key tag designs on a website with a few clicks of a mouse.

Streamlining the Process

Before proof and pay systems, customers had to deal with design changes, feedback, image exchange, and proofing through email exchanges. Payments happened in various other ways separate from the proofing process. While the system was effective, it wasn’t efficient. Proof and pay combines effectiveness and efficiency together in one easy to navigate online experience.

Customers who use proof and pay systems can view their entire project online, make comments or notes on the proof before it goes to print, and can give final approval online. They can also pay for it from the same site. Working with designers, project managers, and accounting staff is much easier and more timely.

Additional Benefits

The proof and pay systems uses a secure client-access website that combines the tasks of image uploading, proofing, and payment. The centralization of the tasks makes user experience easier, and also has the added benefit of more secure payment collection. The client-access website requires unique client accounts that offer a higher level of payment security than over the phone or email transactions.

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