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The Best Way To Swap Gift Cards Online

The Best Way To Swap Gift Cards Online

Year in and year out, plastic gift cards are one of the most popular gifts in the country. Their versatility makes them great for birthdays, holidays, and many other occasions. While gift cards give you more options than traditional gifts, sometimes the gift giver still misses the mark. Instead of letting an unwanted card sit on the bottom of your sock drawer, swap it for one you will actually use.

Swapping Plastic Gift Cards

Every holiday season you inevitably get that one gift card you know you just won’t use. Instead of storing it in an old shoebox, you can take action. You can exchange the card for one you want, or sell it for cash, with an online card swapping service. Here are some things to consider before choosing a swapping site:

  1. Buying and selling. The most straightforward way to exchange your plastic gift cards is by selling them for cash. There are several companies willing to buy cards, including Cardpool, Card Hub, and Raise. None of them will pay the full balance of the card, however. Most will pay at least 90 percent. The price you get will vary depending on the card inventory of the company and the market value of your card. Different sites buy and sell different types of cards,
  2. Features. Similar features are shared between sites.
    Common features include:
    • Gift cards in the exchange do not have expiration dates.
    • If you can’t find the card you are looking for, you can sign up for notifications when it becomes available.
    • Many sites offer free shipping, whether you are selling or buying cards.
    • Bulk buying and selling discounts
  3. Searchability. There are a lot of gift card exchange options. Finding the one you really want can be difficult without a powerful and accurate search tool. Use an exchange site that is well organized and gives you specific search parameters. This will save you time and exasperation.

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