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The four reasons your business needs a key tag program

The 4 Reasons Your Business Needs A Key Tag Program

Key tags are affordable and unique ways to promote your business. They carry more marketing potential than you may realize, however. These four reasons to promote your key tag program could change the way you use key tags and unlock their powerful marketing potential.

Leveraging Key Tags To Benefit Your Business

A marketing program for any business has a lot of moving parts. There are budgets to balance, materials and products to select, designs and logos to create, print and distribute, and messaging to craft. Incorporating key tags into your marketing strategy can provide a simple yet extremely effective method for getting the most from your marketing dollar.

Here’s how:

  1. They advertise your business 24/7. Key tags may be small, but they are big promotional tools. They show your logo all day every day on an item that people always have in their pockets and purses: their keychains. Key tags help you stay fresh in people’s minds, and can become conversation pieces with the friends, family members, and co-workers of your customers. Word of mouth advertising is some of the most effective, and key tags get the ball rolling in on organic and natural way.
  2. They gather useful data. Every time a key tag is scanned, it provides you with valuable customer information that you can use to improve your business and your customer service. Whenever a customer uses their key tag to make a purchase, you can find out what times of day they shop your brand, what combinations of items they buy together, and other patterns. By collecting data from a large sample size of customers, you can identify the patterns your customer base follow and make changes that provide convenience and effective promotional efforts.
  3. They are cost effective and budget friendly. Marketing is largely defined by a budget. While every business would love to have prime time television ads and billboards on major freeways, some of the most effective marketing is done by word of mouth, or by more subtle means. Key tags are an affordable and cost effective form of advertising that has the potential for a very high return on investment compared to other forms of advertising.
  4. They bolster customer loyalty and strengthen your brand. Key tags make implementing a customer loyalty plan very easy. By simply swiping their key tags at point of purchase, you can offer discounts and promotions to customers. Loyalty programs you get repeat customers, give your customers a sense of value, and help you advertise your brand when they tell their friends and family about your promotions and discounts.

However you decide to advertise your business, consider including plastic key tags as part of your advertising program.

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