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The Smart Way to Leverage Customized Hotel Key Cards

The Smart Way to Leverage Customized Hotel Key Cards

Hotel key cards are preferred by the hospitality nationwide. Take it a step further by customizing your cards in partnership with local businesses, or to strengthen your own brand.

Cost-effective Advertising in the Palm of Your Hand

Traditional keys are largely a thing of the past in the hotel and hospitality industry. Key cards, plastic cards embedded with magnetic stripes, give guests instant access to their rooms, are secure, reusable, and convenient. The widespread adoption of key cards has raised the industry standard in hospitality.

Using hotel key cards has inherent benefits, but by partnering with local business and community organizations, you can leverage more from your investment while benefiting other members of your community.

Creating Profitable Partnerships

Hotel key cards not only give you the opportunity to provide your guests with convenient access to their rooms, they also put a powerful advertising and marketing medium at your disposal. You can use the blank space of a hotel key card for your logo and information about your brand, and you can extend that opportunity to local businesses and organizations, as well.

Hotel guests keep their key cards close, and they use them often. They are prime advertising space. You can sell that space to local businesses, essentially paying for your investment in the cards. You may choose to offer the space to a few larger advertisers, or a number of smaller ones, depending on the experience you want to give your guests.

The effect of key card advertising shouldn’t be underestimated. Guests use their cards multiple times per stay, and when they consider visiting a local restaurant, going to see a movie, or are looking for something to do nearby, the advertising they have already seen on their key card can have a large impact.

Customizing Your Cards

Creating customized hotel key cards will give your guests a more personalized and memorable experience. Plastic Resource can help you craft cards that reflect the personality and power of your brand. Visit our website ( to discover your options for custom hotel key cards.