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Top Tips for Creating Loyalty Key Tags Your Customers Will Actually Use

Loyalty key tags are easy to carry and provide quick, easy access to everything customers need to access their accounts. Key tags also benefit you—they ensure you remain top-of-mind with your customers while also providing a visual queue for prospects.

Not all loyalty key tags make it into each customer’s wallet, purse or keychain, though. So what can you do to make sure your key tag goes where your customers go, and promote your company along the way? We encourage you to follow these tips to help your cause.

Top 5 Tips for Effective Loyalty Key Tags

  1. Make your key tag convenient to carry. Design your loyalty key tag to easily fit onto a customer’s keychain. It’s one less bulky card they’ll have to stuff in a wallet or dig around for in the bottom of a purse or in the kitchen junk drawer.
  2. Use bright colors. Stand out from the other key tags on your customers’ keychains by using bright colors. Even better, align your key tag design with your brand so customers know exactly whose card they’re carrying. The more you can do to make your tag easier to find and use, the better off you and your customers will be.
  3. Get creative with design. As with colors, choose a key tag cut-out design that fits with your brand; reinforce what you do or sell by using a shape that says it. From standard shapes and round tags to fully custom cuts, think creatively to make your key tag work effectively for your business.
  4. Include a keychain or bracelet. Make it easy for customers to add your loyalty key tags to their current mix by providing a new keychain or wearable that will hold your key tag. The more potential hurdles you can remove from the equation, the more likely your customers will actually use their tags.
  5. Use frequent bonus discounts to pull customers back in. Offer a free coffee, discount coupon or BOGO to parents on specified days. Discount all green items on St. Patrick’s Day. Give loyalty tag holders a free rose on Valentine’s Day. Get creative here, and have fun with it!

We Can Help You Design a Loyalty Key Tag Your Customers Will Use

Reach out to our experienced marketing team at Plastic Resource. Give us a call at 833-290-5684 or reach us online for expert design advice and professional assistance.