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Turn Your Hotel Key Cards Into a Souvenir

Bring your hotel key cards home as a creative reminder of your trip.

Hotel key cards are more than just a door key

Think back to your last vacation. What stands out as some of the best memories? The sights, the food, the travel? Capturing those memories and revisiting them is one of the most rewarding parts of travel. Postcards, t-shirts, photographs, and other memorabilia are favorite mementos that bring those good memories to mind. You might be surprised to learn that hotel key cards have become the subject of artwork, creative collections, souvenirs, and even architecture.

Whether intentionally taken (which many hotels encourage as a way to market and advertise their brand), or accidentally pilfered in your purse or wallet, once you rediscover your hotel key card, take a moment to consider how you can use it to create a unique reminder of your vacation.

Art, Music, and More

Upcycling key cards from hotel stays is more than just a quirky way to preserve them. Artists have turned them into wall hangings, jewelry, decorative accessories and furniture items. A quick search on Pinterest will reveal thousands of imaginative uses for key cards. Many hotels are playing into this trend by adding unique graphics and images, color schemes, and beautiful designs to their cards.

Musicians have turned used key cards into guitar picks, and inventive designers have made everything from breakfast trays to coffee tables out of them.

Key Card Collectors

If you wish to admire the cards in their original state, you are not alone. Many travelers have become collectors of key cards. Some people have become avid traders of cards, utilizing the online collecting and trading site, People from across the globe can swap key cards and collect different designs.

Whether you admire them for their beautiful designs and photographs, or you like to have them as a reminder of a memorable trip, key cards can become more than just a way to get into your hotel room. They are a one-of-a-kind way to relive your travels and experience other parts of the world.