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Want to be amazing at fundraising? Use plastic rewards cards.

Coordinate with your community, give donors something valuable, and create a positive reputation for your organization.

Plastic cards are revolutionizing local fundraising efforts

For many community organizations and nonprofits, from high school football teams to local 4-H chapters, fundraising is an important aspect of their sustainability. Money raised from community fundraising efforts goes to buy supplies, equipment, uniforms, trips, educational aids, and countless other important materials and experiences.

Getting the most from your fundraising efforts starts with incorporating plastic rewards cards. Custom printed fundraising cards are a creative, unique, and individualized way to generate revenue for your organization.

Plastic fundraising cards offer significant benefits to your school organization, church, or sports team, including:

  • Offer discounts and promotions to local stores, businesses, and restaurants.
  • Create a convenient and easy way for cardholders to attain their discounts.
  • Give local businesses a way to advertise, attract new customers, and support community organizations at the same time.
  • Plastic fundraising cards are a simple, low-cost way to raise money for your organization.

Get started with your fundraising effort

The first step is gathering local businesses to participate in your fundraising program. You can call, visit, or email business owners and describe your organization and your fundraising goals, and then explain how their discounts can help both you and them. Offering discounts through a community fundraising program helps promote their business while supporting a local organization. It’s a win-win! From two-for-one deals to buy one / get one free offers, businesses have many options for how they want to participate in the discount program.

Finding creative and effective ways to raise money for your group starts with plastic fundraising cards. Contact us today to create your customized cards.