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Why Gift Cards Are Safer Than Debit Cards

Why Gift Cards are Safer Than Debit Cards

Many people save the use of gift cards for special occasions or seasonal purchases. With the rising incidence of identity theft, however, gift cards stand out as one of the safest options for online and point of purchase payment.

Safe Shopping With Plastic Gift Cards

Identity theft is a very real threat in today’s globalized world. Whether you are out to eat, buying something online, or paying for gas at the pump, you may be inadvertently exposing yourself to risk. From large data breaches of well known corporations to simply losing your wallet, your financial information has never been more vulnerable.

There are safeguard you can take to help protect your online financial information, but one of the safest ways to shop is by forgoing traditional payment methods. Many people rely on the safety, simplicity, and dependability of plastic gift cards. The reason why is obvious: gift cards don’t carry any personal information.

Gift Cards Are Your Safest Option

Unlike credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, and even prepaid cards, gift cards offer an entirely anonymous payment method that separates your financial information from your purchases. If your credit card or debit card is lost or stolen, thieves may have the ability to gain access not only to your line of credit or the money in your bank account, but sensitive and personal account information, as well. You stand to lose more than just your money. The safety of your identity is at risk. Compromised identity could lead to:

  • Bounced checks due to insufficient funds
  • Overdraft fees
  • Damaged credit
  • Loss of savings

Plastic gift cards, on the other hand, contain no personal information and are not linked to any account or credit line. Unlike debit cards, which access funds directly from your bank account, gift cards simply carry a prepaid balance and aren’t tied to any account.

Custom Gift Cards

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