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Why Plastic Gift Cards With A Personal Touch Matter

Why Plastic Gift Cards With A Personal Touch Matter

Plastic gift cards are among the most popular gifts in America. They make appearances at birthday parties, holiday gatherings, and numerous other social events. Creating gift cards with a customized and thoughtful design help you stand out from the crowd, and give your customers the personalized touch they want when giving a gift to a loved one.

Customizing Gift Cards

Gift card programs are ubiquitous among large, midsize, and even many small businesses. From pre-set amounts to special sale items, gift cards can be used to focus on a particular product or service, or your entire brand. Because of their popularity as gifts for loved ones, plastic gift cards with customized or personalized designs can help you connect more with your customers by providing them with the thoughtful touch they are looking for

Consider the following when creating your custom gift card program:

  • Custom gift cards show you care about your customers. Instead of generic cards that only show your logo, consider designing customized gift cards that reflect the current holiday, a particular event, an achievement or milestone, or a unique redesign of your logo. These may seem like small things, but the value of a gift with a customized feeling to it conveys thoughtfulness and care both for the recipient of the gift, and for the customer who purchases it from your store.
  • Offer a custom design options to your customers. By allowing your customers to create their own designs, you can up the unique value of your gift cards by letting them add their own personal touch. This is an excellent way for community organizations such as churches, sports teams, schools, non-profit organizations, and other groups to connect with their community for fundraising or other activities. It also strengthens your brand and your relationship to your community.
  • Offer customized accessories like card holders and envelopes with your gift cards. Not only are envelopes and card hangers a great way to make your cards stand out, they also offer additional options for customization and personalization. By making them holiday specific and rotating them at the appropriate season, you can give your customers gifts that are thoughtful and relevant. Card displays also show that you care about your gift card program and recognize that they are important and desirable gifts.
  • They bolster customer loyalty and strengthen your brand. Key tags make implementing a customer loyalty plan very easy. By simply swiping their key tags at point of purchase, you can offer discounts and promotions to customers. Loyalty programs you get repeat customers, give your customers a sense of value, and help you advertise your brand when they tell their friends and family about your promotions and discounts.

By putting effort into customizing your gift card program, not only do you communicate that you care for your customers, but that you care about your brand and your products. Custom options for gift cards allow you to connect with your current customers and to attract new ones. Consider expanding your customization options with Plastic Resources.

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