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The new Quantum is a powerful system to personalize plastic cards in volume.

This system prints cards in dual-sided mode, in color or monochrome, and delivers more than 1,000 personalized cards per hour in monochrome, with high-definition text, logos, pictures and barcodes.

Modular system for card printing in volume

Quantum comes with a detachable and reversible encoding unit that can combine the versatility of magnetic, smart contact and contactless encoders.

Printer Configurations: Standard Printer - No locking system & short door for the card hoppers
QTM306GRH-BS000-MB1 Quantum 2 Bundle including:
1 x QTM306GRH-BS - Quantum 2 Standard Mag Iso, Smart contact station, Contactless ready
1 x QTM3-KT001 - Production Pack - for Standard version
1 x QTM3-KT002 - Backup Pack - for Standard version
QTM306GRH-BS Quantum 2 Standard Mag Iso, Smart contact station, Contactless ready
Printer Configurations: Secured Printer - Locking system & long door for the card hoppers
QTM306GRH-BS00K Quantum 2 Standard Mag Iso, Smart contact station, Contactless ready
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The power of a centralized system. The flexibility of a desktop printer.

Quantum, the printer to personalize cards in large quantities is now available in its latest version. Card manufacturers, bureau services, banks, universities and other organizations have the right solution to encode and print their cards and badges in volume:

  • ID and Membership Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Banking Cards
  • Calling Cards / SIM Cards

Fast throughput: 1000 + cards per hour!

The Quantum printing module can churn out more than 1000 cards per hour in monochrome (full card), and 125 cards per hour in color, mixing and matching high-resolution texts, logos, pictures and barcodes. Single or dual-sided cards? The choice is yours!

A non-stop card production process

2 brand-new detachable and interchangeable high-capacity hoppers store up to 500 cards. Additional hoppers are available as an option. Cards can be preloaded, and you can cut on those lengthy downtimes. Cards can also be loaded and removed from the hoppers during the production cycle, avoiding downtimes.

Reversible encoding unit: fast just got faster

This exclusive feature gives it the versatility to print and encode the same side of the card without having to flip it over. You can combine magnetic, smart contact and contactless encoders within the same printer. This encoding unit can be upgraded on-site with almost any smart coupler.

Flexibility: Print and encode almost any plastic card!

Quantum is designed to be customized on-site by the user according to the need of the moment. Its features can be scaled to support specific requirements and evolving needs.

  • Flexible Printing: Quantum prints text, pictures and barcodes, in monochrome or color, on cards with thicknesses from 0.76 to 1 mm (30 to 40 mil), single or dual sided.
  • Flexible Encoding: Quantum is delivered with a magnetic stripe encoder, a smart contact station and a bracket to host a contactless antenna. You can combine up to three encoding technologies. And for further flexibility, you can directly assemble your own encoder, thanks to the easy-to-access connecting board

Productivity: 1000+ monochrome cards delivered per hour!

Quantum is divided into separate modules to speed up and manage different tasks (printing and encoding) simultaneously. Quantum guarantees a printing speed of at least 1000 cards per hour in monochrome (full card), and 150 cards per hour in color

Reliability: print top-quality cards without disruption!

Quantum is about reliability. All components have been meticulously selected to support high-volume batches. As an added precaution, Quantum comes with a first-of-its-kind self-cleaning process and an airtight, dust-free cover.

Convenience: quick and easy operation and maintenance

Quantum is fully user-oriented. All core mechanical and electronic concepts are designed to ease and speed up daily use and maintenance