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Custom Design Services

Plastic Resource offers custom design services to help you create a unique plastic gift, loyalty or membership card or key tag. Our graphic designers can help you integrate your logo, choose a background, add a custom or standard card disclaimer to create a one-of-a-kind card.

The Cost

Simple Design (Free!). Simply supply us with your logo and/or other artwork representing your business and our designers will place it on the front of the card with a matching background while also adding a standard disclaimer on the back of the card free of charge! You will also get one “proof revision” free of charge. Additional revisions will cost $25.

Custom Design ($25+). More complex designs that involve custom background and disclaimer creation will incur a minimum cost of $50 and an additional cost of $25 per “proof revision” after the first. A typical custom designed card will cost about $50 to $100.

How to Get Started

To start your custom card or key tag project and get a cost estimate, please fill out the form in the upper right (preferred), call us at 888-527-7339 or email us at The more information you provide the better! Here are some considerations.

  • Attach relevant logo/art files
  • Specify text (front of card)
  • Encoding (magstripe or barcode
  • Contact information
  • Specify background colors or textures
  • Specify disclaimer language (back of card)
  • Estimated order quantity
  • Ship to address

Other Design Options

Want to choose from our predesigned cards? Browse our card designs.

Already have a custom design? Find A Template.