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Can you print on both sides of a transparent plastic business card?

Yes. Because of the transparency printing on both sides may not be possible (particularly on clear cards). Adding white ink to limit the transparency is a must on double-sided cards. If you have not printed on transparent plastic before, we highly recommend a press proof.

Can you produce a standard business card size (2 x 3.5) on plastic?

Yes. We have a custom die for square or rounded corners using the same dimensions (2 x 3.5) as your standard business cards. Custom dies (unique shapes and sizes) are also available for an additional charge. Business cards are also available in a selection of material like clear, frosted and white plastic. Visit the plastic business cards page for details and an instant quote.

Do gift cards work without a POS system?

Gift cards absolutely work without a POS system. A common approach is to sell one-time-use gift cards with a face value printed on the card (e.g., $5, $10, $25). Also, a number of businesses keep track of balances in a spreadsheet or come up with other creative solutions to avoid the complexities of setting up a new POS system.

Do you do membership card fulfillment programs?

Yes. We start by printing membership card “shells” with fixed, non-variable text and graphics. Thereafter, we periodically personalize and mail cards for new members.

Do you have any pointers on selling gift cards?

There are many ways to successfully market and sell your custom gift cards.

  • Make your card visible to customers
  • Design your cards to be gift-ready
  • Build relationships with your customers by creating loyalty programs and online interfaces for their gift card accounts
  • Create Buy One, Get One (BOGO) offers that incentivize people to purchase more cards
  • Incentivize shoppers to purchase them as holiday gifts to drive after-holiday sales
  • Offer gift packages that include cards and related items

For many additional card ideas explore the promotional section of our articles — and follow us on Facebook to learn as new articles are published!

Do you have pre-designed cards I can choose from?

Yes. Plastic Resource offers a number of pre-designed gift and loyalty cards for you to choose from. Once you've chosen a design, send us a logo if available and we'll add it to the final design.

Do you offer eco-friendly card options?

Yes. Our eco-friendly card options are as follows: recycled PVC and specialized paper cards. Visit the eco-friendly product category to explore options.

Do you provide any existing card design options for my cards?

Yes. We offer over 70 card images for you to choose from. Once you have made a selection our team will then work with you to customize the design to your business and add your logo to the card. Browse our pre-designed card library.

Do you sell gift card envelopes and sleeves?

Yes. Plastic Resource offers a wide selection of custom and pre-designed folding and hanging carriers and sleeves (a.k.a. gift card backers or gift card presenters). Visit to view our Card Carriers & Sleeves section to browse pre-designed options, or receive an instant quote on printing custom envelopes / sleeves.

Do you send a proof prior to putting a custom-printed card into production?

Yes. The first revision of the proof is free followed by a $25 per revision thereafter.

Do you send samples of your custom plastic cards and key tags?

Yes. We offer samples of all our custom plastic gift, loyalty, membership cards, and key tags as well as our custom carriers and sleeves. Samples can be requested using our Request Samples form.

How can I be sure my software system is compatible with your gift cards?

Simply tell us the name of your software system and we will tell you if we can encode/number cards such that they will be compatible. In rare instances where we are unfamiliar with the software system, we will send you test cards, free of charge, to ensure compatibility. Contact us to learn more and find out if your system is compatible.

How do gift and loyalty software systems work?

Gift cards, loyalty cards, and key tags contain account numbers encoded on their magnetic stripe or barcode. Your point-of-sale (POS), loyalty, or membership system automatically reads the account number when swiped or scanned. This number provides access to the card's transaction history and and other account actions — including checking an account's balance, add value, and redeem value.

How do I design custom plastic gift cards?

Getting great looking custom plastic cards that reflect your brand is easy. Choose from one of our three user-friendly card design methods:

  • Visit our card design gallery and customize any of our pre-designed cards with your logo and information.
  • Use our custom design services to build a card with your brand from scratch.
  • Designing or have a design ready to upload? Our card templates are available to place your design into the right card.

How do I get gift cards to sell in my restaurant?

Restaurant gift cards are a no-brainer. They promote your establishment, raise brand awareness, recruit new customers and reward loyal patrons. They are a currency unique to your eatery that anyone can use.

Getting top-notch gift cards to sell in restaurants is simple and efficient with Plastic Resource. Contact us today to start planning your restaurant’s cards.

How do I get membership key tags made for my business?

Creating custom membership key tags for your business is simple and includes just four easy steps:

  1. Plan your membership program
  2. Create your key tag
  3. Proof your key tag, then pay
  4. Receive your key tags

How do I go about submitting my logo/artwork and starting an order?

Upload your files using the Send Artwork form. A plastic resource representative will then contact you to start your order. Please contact us any time with questions.

How do I know if gift and loyalty cards work on my point-of-sale (POS) system or credit card terminal?

Often times a POS system or credit card terminal have gift and loyalty programs built in. Simply contact us with the name of your POS system and/or credit card terminal and we can quickly determine card compatibility.

How do I order custom cards from Plastic Resource?

Use our online instant quote system for the product you are interested in by browsing our products.

Or, submit your order to or call us at 833-290-5684 with the following information:

  • Type of card and quantity
  • Artwork, logo and/or design specifications
  • Numbering/encoding instructions (if applicable)
  • Ship to name and address

Upon submission of your order we will email you a proof for your approval within 24 hours prior to putting your order into production.

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