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Are gift cards reloadable?

A common concern is the long-term usability of our custom gift cards. The short answer is, “yes, they are reloadable.” Cards with barcodes or magnetic strips are linked to an account. When used with a compatible POS system, they can be used over and over like currency.

Plastic Resource has years of experience printing gift cards, key tags/cards and loyalty cards. We have worked with hundreds of different systems over that time and our team knows how to number and encode cards that will interface with your system. Here is a short list of familiar point-of-sale (POS) systems. If your system is not listed, contact us — chances are we will be able to accommodate it or suggest software that will be compatible.

How Do Reloadable Gift Cards Work?

The cards you order from Plastic Resource can have a magnetic strip or barcode unique to each card. When used with your point-of-sale (POS) system, these cards store information specific to that account. Using the card, you can read the data, add value and redeem the value. Reloadable cards allow you to add value at any time.

An Example

A customer at a restaurant wishes to buy a $50 gift card. In this case, the vendor takes a new, unused card and activates it in their POS system for the amount paid. When the customer uses that card, the POS remembers the available balance and adjusts it based on each transaction. If the customer wishes to add value to the card, they can simply pay the amount they want to be added and the POS will update the card’s value accordingly.

What Are the Advantages of Reloadable Gift Cards?

Reusing custom gift cards over-and-over is an eco-friendly and economically sound practice. With reloadable gift cards you:

  • Reuse plastic rather than throw it away.
  • Reduce the frequency of reordering more cards.
  • Create brand loyalty with a currency only available at your business.
  • Reward valued customers with continued credit.
  • Support fundraisers – gift cards make great donations and reach new customers.

Are Key Tags and Loyalty Cards Reloadable?

Yes. Like gift cards, loyalty cards and key tags with a barcode or magnetic strip can store data. You can check an account balance, add value or redeem the value.

For industries such as clubs or gyms that track member visits, a member’s key tags is the instrument for recording each visit. With loyalty programs, a card can record points and have reward value added.

What If I Don’t Have a POS System or Software That Works With Gift Cards?

No problem. Plastic Resource has been helping people choose systems and software for over 20 years. Our team has guided countless businesses throughout the process. We are happy to refer you to providers who can set up the best system for you. Our cards work with hundreds of systems and we are familiar with the majority of them.

Once your system is set up, you can create gift cards using our design process.

Contact Us to Learn More About Reloadable Gift Cards

With a card that you can use over and over, you save money, reduce waste, promote your brand and build up customer loyalty. Design your card today to receive your sample proof within a week or contact our team or call 833-290-5684 to get started. Plastic Resource is ready to show you why our cards and customer service are the finest!

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