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Are gift cards good for business?

Gift cards offer great benefits for consumers. But did you know that gift cards are also good for business? From improving cash flow to building customer loyalty, they can help your business grow to new heights.

Do you have any pointers on selling gift cards?

There are many ways to successfully market and sell your custom gift cards.

  • Make your card visible to customers
  • Design your cards to be gift-ready
  • Build relationships with your customers by creating loyalty programs and online interfaces for their gift card accounts
  • Create Buy One, Get One (BOGO) offers that incentivize people to purchase more cards
  • Incentivize shoppers to purchase them as holiday gifts to drive after-holiday sales
  • Offer gift packages that include cards and related items

For many additional card ideas explore the promotional section of our articles — and follow us on Facebook to learn as new articles are published!

Do you send samples of your custom plastic cards and key tags?

Yes. We offer samples of all our custom plastic gift, loyalty, membership cards, and key tags as well as our custom carriers and sleeves. Samples can be requested using our Request Samples form.

Why should I consider a key tag and card combo rather than a single key tag?

Plastic combo card and key tags offer two unique and convenient card options for membership and loyalty program identification: a card for a wallet and a key tag(s) for a key ring. Both the card and the key tags have identical encoding/numbering.

Will gift cards really help my business make money?

Yes. Here’s how: Gift card programs drive new business to your store, customers usually spend more than the balance of the card when they shop, and many customers leave an unspent balance on their gift cards. Customized plastic cards are also a great way to build brand loyalty, receive “free” advertising for your business, and the fees for creating and implementing a gift card program are usually cheaper than the fees for processing credit card payments. By increasing revenue and decreasing cost, you set yourself up to make more money.

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