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Can my order include variable data, such as names and/or numbering?

Yes! Any gift card, loyalty card, membership card or key tag from Plastic Resource can contain variable data. In fact, including variable data helps your cards stand out and helps customers better connect with your brand.

Can you attach my gift cards to the carrier?

Yes. We have two custom carrier templates available specifically designed for adhering your card directly to the carrier.

Can you print on both sides of a transparent plastic business card?

Yes. Because of the transparency printing on both sides may not be possible (particularly on clear cards). Adding white ink to limit the transparency is a must on double-sided cards. If you have not printed on transparent plastic before, we highly recommend a press proof.

Can you produce a standard business card size (2 x 3.5) on plastic?

Yes. We have a custom die for square or rounded corners using the same dimensions (2 x 3.5) as your standard business cards. Custom dies (unique shapes and sizes) are also available for an additional charge. Business cards are also available in a selection of material like clear, frosted and white plastic. Visit the plastic business cards page for details and an instant quote.

Do you sell gift card envelopes and sleeves?

Yes. Plastic Resource offers a wide selection of custom and pre-designed folding and hanging carriers and sleeves (a.k.a. gift card backers or gift card presenters). Visit to view our Card Carriers & Sleeves section to browse pre-designed options, or receive an instant quote on printing custom envelopes / sleeves.

Do you send a proof prior to putting a custom-printed card into production?

Yes. The first revision of the proof is free followed by a $25 per revision thereafter.

Do you send samples of your custom plastic cards and key tags?

Yes. We offer samples of all our custom plastic gift, loyalty, membership cards, and key tags as well as our custom carriers and sleeves. Samples can be requested using our Request Samples form.

How do I go about submitting my logo/artwork and starting an order?

Upload your files using the Send Artwork form. A plastic resource representative will then contact you to start your order. Please contact us any time with questions.

How does proofing and production work?

  • Once you submit your artwork, we will send you a proof within 24 hours.
  • Standard CMYK card, key tag and carrier orders of 5,000 or less ship in 4-6 business days from proof approval.
  • Specialty card orders or orders of more than 5,000 ship within 15 days of proof approval.

How transparent are the plastic business cards?

We offer two types of transparent business cards: clear (fully transparent) and frosted (partially transparent). The level of transparency also depends on the card design and the color of the ink. Darker colors are less transparent than light colors. We often add white ink to the card to limit the transparency of lighter colors.

I am designing my own artwork. Where can I get design templates and specifications?

You will find design specifications, recommendations, and downloadable templates in a number of popular file formats (AI, PDF, and PSD) on the “Create Your Custom Card” web page. If you are designing a card or key tag with a custom die cut shape, please contact us to discuss details.

If I choose transparent plastic, does it affect the vibrancy of the card?

Transparent plastic is popular for plastic business cards. You need to keep the material in mind when you design your card as it does affect the vibrancy of the card — especially with lighter colors. We will often add white ink to the card to make the certain colors more vibrant. The level of transparency/color vibrancy may not be fully reflected in a proof. If you have not printed on transparent plastic before, we highly recommend a press proof.

What are the dimensions and specifications of gift cards?

The standard specification for a gift card (and all financial cards) is referred to as a CR80. CR80 cards are 3.375 inches x 2.125 inches and .030 inches thick. Plastic Resource’s gift cards are constructed with a PVC core overlaid with writeable PVC laminate film. For design templates prepared for standard products sizes, visit the design template web page.

What are the dimensions and specifications of key tags and combo cards?

The dimensions of Plastic Resource’s key tag and combo card products can be found on the design template web page. Key tag and combo cards are .030 inches thick (same thickness as a CR80 or credit card) and constructed of a durable teslin core and non-writable PET laminate film.

What is the difference between CMYK and pantone (PMS) colors?

CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. The combination of different amounts of CMYK inks yields over 95% of the visible color spectrum. However, there are certain colors that do not convert well using CMYK and thus require the use of Pantone colors. Pantone colors are generated using a combination of 14 base pigments mixed in specified amounts. Plastic Resource generally prints in CMYK, however, we have the ability to print PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors upon request.

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