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What is the difference between gift cards, loyalty cards, and key tags?

Gift cards are similar to pre-paid debit cards. Debit cards and gift cards contain unique numbers that reference unique accounts that contain the card balance and its history. With gift cards your point-of-sale (POS) system keeps track of the balance and history.

Loyalty cards and membership cards are similar to gift cards, but instead of tracking an account balance, the system often keeps track of transaction or visit history, and depending on the loyalty program you run, provides rewards to your customers based on that history.

Key tags are no different than magnetic stripe cards or barcode cards that may be used as gift cards, loyalty cards, or membership cards. The only difference is size and shape. Key tags are commonly used for loyalty and membership programs, but can be used for of the same applications as other plastic cards.

If you want offer both cards and key tags to your customers, look at our customizable plastic combo cards.

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