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How do I get membership key tags made for my business?

Creating custom membership key tags for your business is simple and includes just four easy steps:

  1. Plan your membership program
  2. Create your key tag
  3. Proof your key tag, then pay
  4. Receive your key tags

Do you do membership card fulfillment programs?

Yes. We start by printing membership card “shells” with fixed, non-variable text and graphics. Thereafter, we periodically personalize and mail cards for new members.

How can I be sure my software system is compatible with your gift cards?

Simply tell us the name of your software system and we will tell you if we can encode/number cards such that they will be compatible. In rare instances where we are unfamiliar with the software system, we will send you test cards, free of charge, to ensure compatibility. Contact us to learn more and find out if your system is compatible.

How do gift and loyalty software systems work?

Gift cards, loyalty cards, and key tags contain account numbers encoded on their magnetic stripe or barcode. Your point-of-sale (POS), loyalty, or membership system automatically reads the account number when swiped or scanned. This number provides access to the card's transaction history and and other account actions — including checking an account's balance, add value, and redeem value.

How do I know if gift and loyalty cards work on my point-of-sale (POS) system or credit card terminal?

Often times a POS system or credit card terminal have gift and loyalty programs built in. Simply contact us with the name of your POS system and/or credit card terminal and we can quickly determine card compatibility.

I don’t have a gift and loyalty card software system, can you help me?

Yes. Plastic Resource has over 20 years of experience manufacturing gift and loyalty cards for hundreds of software systems. We will refer you to a software provider(s) that is ideally suited to your business.

Will your key tags work with my POS or membership system?

Our cards work with all popular systems that have membership and attendance tracking functionality. Simply let us know the name of your system and our team will quickly determine key tag compatibility.

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