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Can my order include variable data, such as names and/or numbering?

Gift cards, loyalty cards and key tags from Plastic Resource offer the opportunity for enhanced customization through the addition of variable data. Not only do these help your cards look and feel differently from the competition, they allow your customers to feel a greater connection with your brand.

What Is Variable Data?

Before we discuss what’s possible when it comes to adding variable data, let’s first start with a quick description of what that actually is. Essentially, it means information that is unique to each card. For example, you may want each of your cards or key tags to be printed with different:

  • Member names
  • Barcodes
  • PIN numbers
  • Account numbers
  • Sequential or random numbers
  • Member photos
  • QR code
  • Other information that should differ from card to card

Where Does Variable Data Appear on a Card or Key Tag?

The placement of variable printed data on plastic cards and key tags depends on a few factors, including the graphic design on your cards and the type of variable data you would like to include.

Plastic Resource can print this data on the front, the back, or on both sides. It’s all about what works best given your company’s and users’ unique needs. And, before your cards go into production, you’ll be able to receive a proof so you can have the chance to make changes before paying for your full order.

How Does Variable Data Appear on a Card?

Typically, variable printed data for business cards, gift cards and most other products is printed in black ink. However, we have the option to print in white when needed. While colors outside of black and white aren’t out of the question, we often recommend sticking with black or white because other colors are not always easily read by POS systems or membership systems.

We’re Ready to Help!

The team at Plastic Resource has decades of experience helping companies create amazing business cards, gift cards, membership and loyalty cards, key tags and more. We would be happy to speak with you about your specific needs regarding printing variable data on your cards and then get to work creating an impactful card that fits your brand.

Reach out to us today to start the process or ask a question.

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