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Plastic Key Tags

Plastic key tags with custom printed designs provide opportunities for retailers to connect with new and existing customers. Key tags are always with your customers, providing them with discounts, promotions and memberships while promoting your business.

Key Tag Compatible With POS Systems

Compatibility With Your System

With a simple scan of a custom key tag, you can reward customers and incentivize their membership. In return for convenient membership check-ins and regular promotions, you receive their loyalty and their contributions toward your marketing efforts by visually displaying your branded key tag.

Plastic Resource offers encoding for key tags using barcode formats, magstripes and variable numbers. Our key tags will work with hundreds of point-of-sale (POS) and membership systems including MINDBODY, Aldelo, Micros, PC America and more.

Have a question about key tags? Contact us or chat with us now.

No Hidden Fees & Free Shipping

Unlike some other plastic key tag printers, we keep our pricing simple and upfront with no unexpected charges or hidden fees. You receive free card design assistance and templates, free production setup, and free UPS Ground shipping of your key tags—regardless of order size.

Free Key Tag Shipping
High-Quality Printing

Quick-Turn, High-Quality

At Plastic Resource, we understand the importance of quick turnaround. That’s why we’ve streamlined our custom key tag creation process, delivering them to your business in no time. Whether you require a fully customized design, or something simple, we deliver fast. Our plastic key tags are the highest quality available, 30 mil thick, with a high-quality Teslin™ core and polyester laminate film. Our tags are cut using optically-registered cutting equipment to ensure a smooth edge.

All our key tags are made in the USA.

Do you have questions about our key tag creation process? Contact us to see what we can create for you.

Key Tag Design Options

Whether you're a creative professional or a marketing novice, we have custom key tag design options to ensure your business can benefit from branded, custom key tags. Need a completely custom design? We offer free and low-cost custom design services to help you brand your key tag. Want to do it yourself? Our key tag templates are easy to download and use to create your own design.

Design Inspiration

Looking for some inspiration for your new custom key tags? Find it in our photo gallery, or contact us to discuss our custom design services.

A green key tag design and a blue key tag design
A green key tag design and a blue key tag design
A green key tag design and a blue key tag design
A green key tag design and a blue key tag design
A green key tag design and a blue key tag design
A green key tag design and a blue key tag design

Other Key Tag Products

We offer a variety of custom key tag products to help you promote your business and build customer loyalty.

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