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Smart uses of QR codes on Plastic Cards

Two of the most popular information storage systems can be used together.

QR Codes and Plastic Cards Can Work Together

QR codes are everywhere .

They show up on billboards, point of sale signs, storefront displays, cereal boxes, and even business cards. And it’s no wonder: they grant instant access to relevant information about products and services. They essentially put your brand in a consumer’s smart phone.

Make it easy for customers to get in touch

Plastic cards with QR codes printed on them put you both in your customers wallet, and in their mobile device. A QR card turns a gift card, key card, or key tag into a “smart card” that grants direct access to your:

  • Phone number (It can even be programmed to instantly allow your customers to call you without dialing any numbers!)
  • Web site
  • Promotion videos or marketing media
  • Social media site
  • A google maps address
  • Specific contact information or ordering procedure

Make a good impression

Everyone has a business card, but not everyone has a plastic company card with a QR code. Handing this type of card to a prospective customer or client conveys a professionalism that a regular card cannot. The QR code on the card can also be used to import your contact information directly into their phone or mobile device with a simple scan of the code. It could also send them to a mobile-friendly web site for your business, instead of requiring them to type in your web address in their browser. While these may seem like small advantages, they make you stand out in a big way.


QR codes on plastic cards can be used to provide promotions, discounts, and other enticing special offers. This strategy can increase visitors to your social media site or your website, and can get you more followers. Offering a simple 5 or 10 percent discount for customers who scan your QR code will give you valuable customer information, create loyalty, and earn you some new business.

Additionally, QR codes on your custom plastic cards can also direct customers to a ready-to-send email template, an exclusive coupon offer, or a promotional website advertising your latest sales event.