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Custom Shaped Key Tags

In addition to standard printed key tags, we offer custom die cut plastic key tags which add an extra flair of personalization that can help a brand connect with customers. Get an extra boost from your customer loyalty program by customizing the shape of your key tags.

Free Setup, Free Shipping & Free Design Assistance

We will help you solve your promotional and membership key tag needs quickly and easily. Plastic Resource provides key tag design templates and assistance, production setup, and UPS Ground shipping — all for free!

Free Shipping of Custom Shaped Key Tags
Custom Shaped Key Tag

Custom Key Tags Increase Brand Visibility

Get more from your membership and rewards program by offering custom key tags to your customers. From spas and salons to auto parts stores and restaurants, custom key tags help you to stay fresh in the minds of your customers, give you a step up on marketing efforts, and increase your brand’s visibility.

Send us your project details to find out how key tags can help your business!

Quick-Turn, High-Quality

We know that businesses need to move quickly. Since 1996 we’ve refined and streamlined our process, and can have your custom combo cards and key tags ready in no time. Contact us to see what we can create for you.

High-Quality Printing

Key Tag Design Inspiration

Looking for some inspiration for your custom die cut key tags? Find it in our photo gallery, or contact us to discuss our custom design services.

Two pink and purple card designs for a yoga studio card and key tag
Two pink and purple card designs for a yoga studio card and key tag
Two pink and purple card designs for a yoga studio card and key tag

Other Products

We offer a variety of key tags to help you promote your business and build brand loyalty.

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